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Sefik Can Soyer

Sefik_Can_SoyerSilent Auction Prize:
Please select one of the three choices below:

(1) Attend as Sefik Can Soyer’s guest on March 24, 2010 at the Winter Music Conference 2010 in Miami where he will be hosting an event at Whitelaw Hotel & Lounge for Jeton Records.  Opportunities to mix and mingle with some of the best DJs in the world, such as Carl Cox.

(2) An opportunity to have lunch on a Mediterranean restaurant in the city with Sefik to learn more about the Movie Industry’s future, the new trend of stereoscopic 3D Animation/Film and what to expect next in film industry.

(3) Sefik Can Soyer offers a business card and/or a logo design for your company under your creative direction.

Bio: Sefik Can Soyer, named after his great grandpa – which means kind, compassionate, and tenderhearted, was born in the third biggest and most modern city, which lies along the Aegean coast, in Turkey that connects Turkey to the west, called Izmir, historically known Smyrna.

After spending his childhood and professional athletic years on the Aegean, he moved to Istanbul to attend college and graduated as an Electronics Engineer.  On the brink of his graduation, he was exposed to digital effects and his interest grew.  Thereafter, he moved to the United States to learn 3D Computer Animation in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  He nurtured his interest further by exploring the field and wanted to combine his expertise as an Electronics Engineer with visual effects.  He moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University to hone his interests and skills further.

Currently, Sefik holds a MFA degree in Visual Effects and works on several independent films and as a freelance digital artist.  Sefik’s main focus in art is to be a comprehensive artist, a sensitive and responsive observant then process the artwork.  He believes that being an artist comes as a full package, not just being a storyteller or a geeky computer artist. He believes a blend of the two would create a unique and exquisite artist.

Besides being an artist today, Sefik has an extraordinary background that includes being a former professional basketball player, a DJ, a cook, and trilinguist in Turkish, English, and French.  Sefik is always eager to develop a discipline and breadth of study to cultivate the eye as well as the mind. He looks forward to understanding contemporary art making and design with a global perspective. He believes the process of examining, questioning and experimenting in life makes him dynamic, keeps him alive and pushes him further to live the best out of life as well as to share it with others.

Company/Position: Freelance Digital Artist