History of ChicMeetsGeek

By day, Carol Tran  works in biotech patent law. By evening, she’s heavily involved with social entrepreneur projects. In between, she is a marathon biker and loves dressing up for cocktail events and galas.  Currently, she’s working on “ChicMeetsGeek™,” which she founded in the process of helping rebrand the San Francisco Opera’s Bravo group to outreach to young professionals between the ages of 21 to 40.

As an opera enthusiast, she wanted to share her love of opera with her San Francisco chic and Silicon Valley geek friends.  She joined the San Francisco Opera’s Bravo Club as a Board of Directors in early 2009 in order to create a fun and social environment for young professionals to experience and learn more about opera.  As a person who likes to shake things up, she wanted to create an event that had elements from her two groups of friends, the cultural influencers in the chic world and the intellectual techies in the geek community.

The launch of ChicMeetsGeek in November 2009 was a huge success.  In response to a large support from the San Francisco and Silicon Valley community, Carol decided to gear up a second ChicMeetsGeek™, which took place on Thursday, February 4, 2010 at the Automattic Lounge in San Francisco.  This time around it highlighted BUILD, a “geek” non-profit and the beneficiary of the event.

She looks forward to having the events as an opportunity for individuals from the chic and geek world to learn and be inspired from one another’s accomplishments.  At each ChicMeetsGeek, she has a carnival of activities and surprises that are themed around the non-profit beneficiary and the speaker panelists’ expertise.  To learn more about the past events and what an attendee would expect, please click here.  Stay tuned for the next scheduled ChicMeetsGeek event by checking the website, Facebook Fan Page, and/or Twitter.

ChicMeetsGeek’s Mission

ChicMeetsGeek™ is an event designed to bridge the social gap between the cultural chic and intellectual geeks. It is similar to a conference, but with a social atmosphere.  The purpose is to gather two different groups in one room to inspire, share, and connect through a panel of geek and chic celebrity speakers to talk about their inspirational background.  A nonprofit beneficiary is highlighted at every ChicMeetsGeek™ event and themed around the speaker panelists’ expertise to bridge the gap.

Carol Tran, Founder of ChicMeetsGeek

Carol Tran was born and raised in San Diego and loves anything related to law, science, tech, and art.  She attended college at University of California, San Diego and obtained an education background in Theatre and Neuroscience.  In high school and college, she worked at the Salk Institute and was mentored by Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule, and Joanne Chory, the well-respected and renowned plant geneticist.  She was about to head off to medical school, but was given an opportunity to work in Washington, D.C. under the guidance of both political administrations, former Attorney Generals Janet Reno and John Ashcroft.  After catching the legal bug, she moved to the Bay Area to pursue law school, but picked up the business degree along the way by participating in the dual Juris Doctorate and Masters of Business Administration program.  She has experience working in the legal sector at Elan Pharmaceuticals, Oracle Corp., Morgan Stanley, and Kyocera Wireless.

Prior to attending graduate school, she spent a year acting in Hollywood and appeared in several shows and commercials.  In addition, she was trained professionally in competitive equestrian and marathon biking.

She served on the board for Women in Science, WeekendApps OpenSocial, American Cancer Society, and March of Dimes.  Currently, she devotes her time as a Board of Director of the San Francisco Opera (Bravo).